4817 E. Douglas, Suite #200
Wichita, KS 67218

Located in the shopping center on the south east corner of Douglas and Oliver in College Hill, next door to IL Vicino Wood Oven Pizza.


"I have had the opportunity throughout my career as a Physical Educator to work with various Physical Therapy groups.  Onpoint Physical Therapy is by far, the best.  Olu recognized that the importance of restoring the range of motion and strength in my arm was imperative in returning to my job as a P.E. Instructor.  You are not a "number" at Onpoint.  Olu took the time to find my strengths and weaknesses.  He personalized my rehab, working along side me step-by-step."

- Dara Hilton, Physical Education Teacher - USD 259

"Olu Osunsanmi is doing a great job.  He is very professional in what he does. Thank you very much for the service.  I will recommend the services of Onpoint and Olu to all I know."

- Jim Perryman, Casino Sales and Marketing 

"I can heartily recommend the service and treatments of Onpoint and Olu as immediately satisfactory and useful in restoring function and relieving pain in the joints of my arms and shoulder.  His staff is most agreeable and helpful.  I can honestly say I am completely happy with Onpoint."

- Rodney Landsdowne, NRA Chariman

"Olu has hands of gold!  He has the uncanny ability to listen to your body and deliver the therapy it needs.  The result is maximum recovery in minimum time."

- David Calvert, former Sedgwick County District Judge

"I have bone spurs on several cervical vertebrae in my neck resulting from osteoarthritis. In my case, it caused intense pain that radiated into my hands and was debilitating. I could barely work and couldn't concentrate on anything. Sleep was extremely fitful - and nothing I took in terms of medication helped alleviate the pain even a little. Cortisone injections in my neck helped some for about two weeks, but of course, there's a limit as to how much a person can be administered.  Although neurosurgery is an option for such conditions, I was advised by my surgeon at the time that I wasn't yet a candidate for surgery - that the pain wasn't intense enough.  Could have fooled me!  A friend of mine in Idaho with the same condition suggested I try physical therapy because it helped manage her pain.

I opened the phone book and found Onpoint listed prominently, and so armed with my physician's prescription I went; haggard, bent and in severe pain. Olu cared for me immediately. He was most pleasant, caring, and quite thorough in his analysis of my condition. He fully explained the problem to me and the approach he was going to take in the attempt to alleviate my pain.  I was awed - and definitely most relieved - that after my first one-hour session with Olu, the pain level was reduced by approximately 90%!

There was hope!  I continued with Olu as my physical therapist for several months as each session gave me several days of relief - at some times to the point of not having any pain at all.  At the point when I was able to manage the pain by myself with the exercises that Olu taught me, I was discharged. The physical therapy I took with Olu was not a cure and certainly was not promoted as such. Rather, the treatment was intended to help me manage the pain, which was dramatically reduced to the point where I was able to resume my normal life.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Olu at Onpoint for your physical therapy."

- Dr. Sal Mazzullo, Professor of Geology, Wichita State University

"As a veteran, I was referred for specialized therapeutic medical services on an out-patient basis to Onpoint Physical Therapy. The staff at Onpoint has provided crucial therapeutic services needed to assist and remedy my disabilities related to a prior injury I sustained while serving in the Armed Forces. The dynamics and severity of my medical conditions have been a challenge that Olu was able to professionally address through the highest quality of service and education possible. The services offered by Onpoint Physical Therapy have proven not only to be a great addition to the variety of services that are available from the Wichita VA Hospital, but also have been a cost-effective alternative, in that they have contributed to a reduction in future costs of treatments related to my various medical conditions. The experts at Onpoint helped assist me in obtaining long-term benefits that have positively impacted my complicated orthopedic conditions, and they can only further contribute to the mission of the Department of Veteran's Affairs by promoting greater health of the veteran.  I have since recommended that the Director of the Veteran's Administration permanently incorporate the therapeutic services of Onpoint Physical Therapy to all veterans who need them as soon as possible."

- Greg Meyer, Disabled American Veteran and Decorated War Hero